Table 2

Relation of health related quality of life to percentage predicted forced vital capacity (FVC)

95% CI p value
Dyspnoea5.28–0.19  to  10.750.06
Fatigue4.11–0.83 to  9.040.1
Emotion3.14–2.06 to  8.340.2
Mastery7.152.87 to  11.420.002
Physical functioning1.320.13 to  2.510.03
Role physical1.91–3.77 to  7.590.5
Role mental3.58–1.98 to  9.140.2
Social functioning1.87–0.74 to  4.480.2
Pain1.51–1.42 to  4.440.3
Mental health1.17–0.11 to  2.440.07
Energy1.910.35 to  3.470.02
Health perception2.671.16 to  4.180.001
Anxiety–1.31–2.97 to  0.340.1
Depression–1.79–3.51 to  –0.060.04
EPSS–0.56–2.14 to  1.030.5
  • CRQ-SR = Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire; SF-36 = Short Form 36; HADS = Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale; EPSS = Epworth Sleepiness Score.

  • 2-150 Regression coefficients are for change in percentage predicted FVC predicted by a unit increase in questionnaire score. The regression coefficients are adjusted for age and sex.