Table 1

Age, sex, focred vital capacity (FVC), and daytime oxygen level (Sao 2) as predictors of nocturnal hypoxaemia

Mean overnight Sao2Abnormal sleep study (more than 2% of time with Sao2<90%)
Regression coefficient1-15095% CIp valueOdds ratio1-15095% CIp value
Sex–0.37–3.04  to  2.310.81.240.38  to  4.110.7
Age–0.04–0.19 to to  1.080.7
(% predicted)
0.018–0.04 to to  1.020.6
Capillary oxygen concentration1.941.22 to  2.66<0.0010.460.26 to  0.820.002
  • 1-150 Regression coefficients are for the change in mean overnight Sao 2 predicted by womenv men and for each increase in year of age, percentage predicted FVC, and kPa of daytime oxygen. Regression coefficients and odds ratios were all adjusted for the effects of age and sex.