Table 1

Rhinological outcome of surgical treatment of nasal polyps in patients suffering from analgesic intolerance (effects on accompanying asthma not given)

Author No of patients Procedure Follow up
Objective results Subjective results
Patriarca et al 43 130Polypectomy2480% relapse?
Brown et al 34 101Polypectomy ± ethmoidectomy1240% relapse?
Hosemannet al 27 21Endonasal pansinus surgery52?24% asymptomatic 38% improved
Schaitkin et al 44 11Endonasal pansinus surgery36–5236% revisional surgery needed0% asymptomatic 82% improved
Kennedy30 11Endonasal pansinus surgery1875% residual disease?
McFadden et al 25 25Conservative/radical surgery4124% revisional surgery needed100% improved
McFaddenet al 35 80Conservative/radical surgery36“Significant number” of advanced stage  disease needs subsequent surgery85% improved
Rosen et al 37 39Conservative/radical surgery27–6251% revisional surgery needed, still 33%  persistent disease50% asymptomatic 30% improved
  • Radical surgery = mostly transmaxillary approach in addition to endonasal surgery.