Table 3

Linear equations for primary indices of lung function including terms for body composition

  • TLC = total lung capacity; IC = inspiratory capacity; FRC = functional residual capacity; ERV = expiratory reserve volume; RV = residual volume; FVC = forced vital capacity; FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in one second; Tlco = carbon monoxide transfer factor; NS = not significant and variable omitted on this account.

  • 3-150 Term without allowance for body composition is given in parentheses. In each instance the difference is significant.

  • 3-151 Effects on partial regression coefficients on age of allowing for fat% and FFMI age are given in table 5.

  • 3-152 In case of Tlco the coefficient is that on Va/St2, not BMI.

  • 3-154 Coefficient significant at 5% but not at 1% level of probability.