Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

Study Quality1-150 Type No enrolled/ completed Treatment Dose/day Duration (weeks)
Ekstrom19 A7Crossover50/48Ranitidine300 mg4
Ford20 A6Crossover11/10Omeprazole20 mg4
Goodall21 A6Crossover20/18Cimetidine1000 mg6
Gustafsson22 A7Crossover40/37Ranitidine150 or 300 mg4
Kjellen23 C4ParallelNA/62Conservative8
Larrain24 A7Parallel90/81Cimetidine or surgery1200 mg26
Meier25 A7Crossover15/15Omeprazole40 mg6
Nagel26 B6Crossover15/14Ranitidine450 mg1
Teichtahl27 B6Crossover25 / 20Omeprazole40 mg4
Boeree28 B7Parallel36/30Omeprazole80 mg12
Levin29 B7Crossover11/9Omeprazole80 mg8
Kiljander30 B7Crossover57/52Omeprazole80 mg8
  • 1-150 Letters indicate whether the method of allocation to treatment groups was: A=adequate; B=unclear; C=inadequate. Numbers are Jadad scores from 1 to 7 where higher numbers indicate less opportunity for bias.

  • NA = not available.