Table 2

Prevalence of asthma, hay fever and atopy (%) in children aged 4–17 years across quartiles of Z scores of body mass index (BMI)2-150

1st quartile (n=1921) 2nd quartile (n=1948) 3rd quartile (n=1778) 4th quartile (n=1720) p value2-151
Asthma ever (n=668)8.79.310.314.90.0001
Still asthma (n=463)
Treated for asthma (n=636)8.68.710.0514.50.0001
Wheeze in past 12 months (n=1182)14.618.314.720.60.0002
Ever hay fever (n=384)
Still hay fever (n=360)
Treated for hay fever (n=314)
Atopy (n=2480)48.650.553.053.20.05
  • Prevalence (%) in indicated quartile (Z score of BMI range) given as percentages weighted by the normalised weight variable

  • 2-150 A complete data set was not available for every subject.

  • 2-151 Test for trend.