Table 3

Cytokine concentrations in expectorated sputum (ES), induced sputum (SI), and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid

ES SI BAL fluid
IL-8 (ng/ml)18.0 (12.2)12.8 (7.5)4.0 (3.0)*
Urea corrected IL-8 (ng/ml) (n=8)13.4 (11.0)13.5 (7.1)13.9 (17.9)
TNFα (pg/ml)102 (101)* 45 (27)18 (19)
Urea corrected TNFα (pg/ml) (n=8)80 (71)42 (42)43 (42)
  • There was a difference in IL-8 concentration in SI from that in ES and BAL (p=0.01 and p=0.03, respectively). When a dilution correction was made these differences were no longer seen. There was a difference in TNFα concentration between SI and ES (p=0.03) but this was no longer seen when corrected for dilution.