Table 1

Location of carcinomas and AAHs in each lobe

Side No. of lobes examined No. of carcinomas1-150 No. of AAH lesions Frequency (%)1-151
 Upper lobe16716913241  (25)1-164
 Middle lobe5629146 (11)1-164
 Lower lobe1101206120 (18)
 Upper lobe1371356335 (26)
 Lower lobe102904119 (19)
All lung fields572554311121 (21)
  • AAH = atypical adenomatous hyperplasia.

  • 1-150 Eleven were classified as central type because they could not be classified to specific lobes.

  • 1-151 Frequency (%) = number of lobes in which AAH was present per number of lobes examined.

  • 1-164 Statistically significant difference between right upper lobe and middle lobe (OR 2.7; CI 1.1 to 6.0) using logistic regression.