Table 2

Comparison of in vitro gene transduction techniques

Transient transfection Permanent transfection Adenoviral transfection
Ease of transfectionEasy for most cellsMore difficultEasy for most cells
Range of cellsNarrowWideWide
Stable linesNoYesNo
Ease of preparing vectorRelatively easyRelatively easyDifficult
% of cells transfectedSmall (10–30%)High (nearly 100% after selection)High (nearly 100% with large amount of virus)
Ability to transfect non-transformed cell linesPoorPoor (cells become senescent)Excellent
Ability to study protein processingPoorExcellentGood
Use in dominant negative experimentsPoorGoodExcellent
Expression cloning studiesGoodPoorPoor
Ability to use transfected cells in animal experimentsPoorExcellentPoor