Table 1

Summary of findings in 688 patients with newly diagnosed NSCLC considered for entry to Big Lung Trial (BLT)

No. Subgroups
Main reasons for ineligibility (n = 435)
 Followed at other centres
Delay in referral or identification

52 Referred too late or slow management
19 Lost to follow up
 Clinical decision not to give chemotherapy or not to discuss the trial16572 Frailty/poor performance status
21 Comprehension/language barrier
19 Co-morbidity
16 Inadequate renal function
15 Change in prognosis /condition during primary treatment
11 Change in diagnosis /unclear pathology
 6 Complications with primary treatment
 3 Suspected poor compliance
 2 Depression
 Clinical decision to offer chemotherapy 84
 Prior or concurrent malignancy 25
Potentially eligible for BLT (n = 253)
Patient refused18677 No reason given
61 Did not want chemotherapy
23 Family dissuaded patient
 9 Did not want involvement in research
 8 Wanted chemotherapy
 8 Other reasons
Entered other treatment trials  4
Entered Big Lung Trial 63