Table 1

Regression analysis of the prevalence of symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and eczema (by centre) against tuberculosis notification rates adjusted for gross national product (GNP) and weighted by the inverse variance of the prevalence in each centre: countries with valid tuberculosis notification data1-150

SymptomUnivariate regressionStandardised for GNP
CoefficientStandard errorp valueCoefficientStandard errorp value
Written asthma questionnaire
Wheeze ever−0.2840.062<0.001−0.1870.0810.024
 Wheeze in last 12 months−0.1640.043<0.001−0.0520.0550.344
 Asthma ever−0.1980.028<0.001−0.1310.0360.001
Video asthma questionnaire
Wheeze at rest in last 12 months−0.1350.030<0.001−0.0910.0370.018
Rhinitis questionnaire
Rhinitis ever−0.3240.054<0.001−0.1190.0630.062
 Rhinitis in last 12 months−0.2750.049<0.001−0.0830.0570.148
 Rhinitis with itchy/watery eyes in last 12 months−0.1680.025<0.001−0.0730.0290.015
Eczema questionnaire
Itchy rash ever−0.0830.0380.0290.0500.0420.244
 Itchy rash in last 12 months−0.0820.0310.0100.0220.0350.544
 Eczema ever−0.0940.0470.0480.0610.0560.278
  • 1-150 Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.