Table 4

Serum IgE concentration, lung function measures, and prevalence of respiratory symptoms and disease according to birth weight

Birth weight (g)Totalp for trend4-150
IgE n=66 n=240 n=271 n=149 n=726
 Total IgE (IU/ml)4-160 (4.6)1.0
 Prevalence of specific IgE (cat, mite or pollen)22.7%21.3%24.0%23.5%22.9%0.7
Lung function n=65 n=242 n=275 n=151 n=733
 FEV1(l)4-165 (0.62)0.64-168
 FVC (l)4-165 4.304.264.274.354.29 (0.73)0.64-168
 FEV1/FVC4-165 0.7220.7280.7240.7270.725 (0.108)0.84-168
Respiratory symptoms and disease n=87 n=302 n=334 n=189 n=912
 Productive cough4.6%5.6%4.8%2.1%4.5%0.7
 Obstructive airways disease17.2%17.9%20.7%14.3%18.1%1.0
  • Values are mean except where given as %.

  • 4-150 p value adjusted for sex.

  • 4-160 Geometric means and standard deviation.

  • 4-165 Means adjusted for sex, height and age.

  • 4-168 p value also adjusted for height and age.