Table 2

Serum IgE concentrations, lung function measures, and prevalence of respiratory symptoms and disease according to prenatal exposure to famine

Born before famineExposed to famineConceived after famineMean (SD)Missing observations
In late gestationIn mid gestationIn early gestation
IgE n=207 n=119 n=106 n=64 n=230 n=726
 Total IgE (IU/ml)2-150 (4.6)0
 Prevalence of specific IgE
  House dust mite13.5%17.6%17.0%17.2%17.0%16.1%0
  Any of these three18.8%26.9%24.5%18.8%24.8%22.9%0
Lung function n=210 n=118 n=107 n=67 n=231 n=733
 FEV1(l)2-160 (0.6)0
 FVC (l)2-160 (0.7)0
 FEV1/FVC2-160 0.720.720.720.720.740.72 (0.1)0
Respiratory symptoms and disease n=264 n=140 n=137 n=87 n=284 n=912
 Productive cough4.2%5.8%8.0%2.3%3.2%4.5%4
 Obstructive airways disease15.5%15.0%24.8%23.0%17.3%18.1%0
  • Values are mean except where given as %.

  • 2-150 Geometric means and standard deviation.

  • 2-160 Means adjusted for sex, height and age.