Table 3

Allergen levels and prevalence of atopy and asthma in population-based studies comparing different populations, or the same population over time

Reference Population No. Age Allergen Units Levels Specific atopy (%) Total
atopy (%)
% with doctor diagnosed asthma
or “asthma”
Comparisons of populations
Charpin et al 32 Matigues (coast)6939–11HDM group 1μg/g15.817256
Briancon (Alps)1509–110.36 4264
Briancon (non-native)909–110.36107
Woolcock et al 33 34 Asaro Valley743>20HD mitesNo/g283240.3
Turner et al 35 South Fore area736>201371Similar7
Peatet al 2 Broken Hill7948–11 Der p 1μg/g0.7133730
Wagga Wagga8508–111.4214029
Von Mutius et al 36 Munich (W Germany)74459–11 Der p 1 + Der f 13-150 μg/g210196
Leipzig (E Germany)14299–11Similar 4 74
Nowak et al 37 Hamburg (W Germany)315620–44 Der p 1 + Der f 13-150 μg/g2143614
Erfurt (E Germany)327220–44Similar10306
Leung et al 38 Hong Kong106212–18 Der p 1⩾10 μg/g69%55587
Kota Kinabalu (Mal)40912–1860643
San Bu (S China)73712–1850%43492
Wieringaet al 39 Urban Antwerp31920–44 Der p 1>2 μg/g27%2622
Suburban Antwerp33720–4442%179
Comparisons of time periods
Peat et al 40 Belmont (1982)7188–10HD mitesNo/g22521289
Belmont (1992)8738–101240Similar2938
Wagga Wagga (1982)7698–1067163013
Wagga Wagga (1992)7958–10301Similar3530
  • 3-150 Based on Hirsch et al. 41