Table 3

Single correlations between sleep study indices and change in systolic and diastolic BP overnight in men and women (n = 448)

Mean Sao 2 Minimum Sao 2 BP rises/ h >10 bpm heart rate rises/h >6 bpm heart rate rises/h Mean respiratory effort Snores/h Age Systolic BP3-150 change overnight Diastolic BP3-150change overnight
>4% Sao 2dips/h–0.53–0.590.
Mean Sao 2 0.520.16–0.08–0.04–0.21–0.190.29–0.09–0.17
Minimum Sao 2 0.17–0.030.00–0.23–0.210.18–0.14–0.15
BP rises/h0.440.390.420.
>10 bpm heart rate rises/h0.920.320.
>6 bpm heart rate rises/h0.
Mean respiratory effort0.
Systolic BP change overnight0.60
  • 3-150 Negative value indicates a fall overnight, positive value indicates a rise.

  • Any r value over 0.10 is significant at the 0.05 level, any r value over 0.17 is significant at the 0.0001 level.