Table 1

Annual mortality in children aged under five years from developing countries in 1993

ARI related:4.1 million
 ARI alone3.0
 ARI with measles0.64
 ARI with pertussis0.26
 ARI with malaria or HIV0.23
Neonatal or perinatal3.1 million
(many involving ARI)
Diarrhoea related:3.0 million
 Diarrhoea alone2.7
 Diarrhoea with measles or HIV0.27
Measles/TB/tetanus/pertussis alone1.2 million
Malaria alone0.68 million
Other0.2 million
Total12.2 million
  • ARI = acute respiratory infection.

  • Source: World Health Organization.2

  • Other ARI information:

  • ARI accounts for 33% of all deaths from infectious disease in the world and for 27% of the entire burden of infectious diseases.

  • 80% of the ARI burden occurs in children under five years from less developed countries, accounting for about 6.7% of the global burden of disease from all causes.