Table 4

Other herbal treatments and asthma

Reference No, definition, duration of trialTreatment (n)Control (n)Primary measuresResults Jadad score
Egashiri and Nagano20 112 steroid dependent bronchial asthmatics, 12 weeksTJ-96 plus conventional drugs (64)Conventional drugs only (48)Lung function tests; symptom diaryNo data given on lung function; symptom improvement and perceptions greater in test than control group (p<0.01) 2
Taskin et al 24 10 bronchial asthmatics (stable to moderate) defined by ATS criteria, 2 hours(a) Smoking marihuana (2% THC), (10)
(b) Ingestion of 2% THC capsules (10)
(a) Smoking marihuana (0% THC), (10)
(b) Ingestion of placebo capsules (10)
Lung function testsSmoking and ingestion of marihuana resulted in lower Raw but not clinically relevant 3
Mansfeld et al 25 24 bronchial asthmatics, 3 daysDried ivy extract (24)Placebo (24)Lung function testsRaw significantly better with ivy extract (23.6%) vs. placebo (p=0.0361)4
  • THC = tetrahydrocannabinol; Raw = airway resistance.