Table 2

Summary of reports of methotrexate for sarcoidosis

ReferencePatients treatedResponseOther drugsMajor organs
Lacher16 11Prednisone tapered offLungs, skin
Veien51 1612/16 with skin, 3/4
with eye
NoneSkin, lungs, eye
Fenton52 11Prednisone taperedNasal, skin
Lower23 15Lungs in 9/15, skin 3/3, liver 2/2Prednisone tapered in 9/10Lung, liver, skin,
Soriano53 11Prednisone discontinuedNeurological, Heerfordt’s
Webster54 33Intralesional corticosteroidsSkin
Chittock55 11Prednisone taperedPleural
Henderson56 11NoLaryngeal, cutaneous
Rajendran57 12Excellent 7, good 4Four good responders on prednisoneSkin
Lower32 50Lung in 17/50, skin in 16/17, eye in 2/2Prednisone tapered in 29/33, 16 tapered offLungs, skin, eyes
Lennarson58 11Prednisone taperedEye
Kaye59 55Prednisone tapered in 4 of 4Musculoskeletal, liver
Agbogu60 31Prednisone taperedNeurological
Pia29 1111Corticosteroids, cyclosporinLung, skin, arthritis
Gedalia30 7Complete 5, partial 1Prednisone for four weeks only in 6 of 7Skin, joints, eye, lung
Lower13 2817Prednisone tapered in allNeurological
Morishita61 95PrednisoneCardiac