Table 2

Diagnosis and outcome of pregnancy

Case Site of diseaseBasis of diagnosisOutcome of pregnancy
1PulmonaryPositive Mantoux. Sputum smear and culture positiveTherapeutic abortion at 12 weeks in India
2PulmonarySputum smear and culture positiveFull term normal delivery
3 Pulmonary and laryngealPositive Mantoux. Bronchoscopy; laryngeal tuberculomas, lavage smear and culture positiveNormal delivery 38 weeks
4 PulmonaryChest radiographic changes. Bronchoscopy, smear negative culture positiveFull term normal delivery
5Pulmonary and cerebral tuberculomasPositive Mantoux. Chest radiograph and CT head scan appearances. Bronchoscopy; smear negative culture positiveNormal delivery 36 weeks
6PleuralPositive Mantoux. Granulomas in pleural biopsyFull term normal delivery
7MiliaryMiliary changes on chest radiograph. Ascitic fluid culture positiveSpontaneous abortion at 22 weeks. 4 days after presentation.
8 MiliaryMiliary shadowing on chest radiograph. Gastric washings culture positive Normal delivery 37 weeks
9 Miliary and TBMMiliary shadowing on chest radiograph. CSF smear negative culture positiveDelivered at 38 weeks
10 PeritonealPeritoneal studding on laparotomy. Ascitic fluid culture positiveNormal delivery 34 weeks
11IleocaecalCharacteristic barium follow through changes. Response to treatmentFull term normal delivery
12PeritonealLymphocytic ascites smear negative culture positiveFull term normal delivery
13 Tibial osteomyelitisPositive Mantoux. Wound swabs smear negative culture positiveFull term normal delivery