Table 1

Presentation, gestation at onset of symptoms, and time to diagnosis

Case Site of disease Clinical presentation Gestation at onset of symptoms Time to diagnosis
1 PulmonaryFever, weight loss. Travelled to India for treatment4 weeks4 weeks
2 PulmonaryCough and fever40 weeks8 weeks
3Pulmonary and laryngealCough and fever3 weeks26 weeks
4 PulmonaryContact of child who had pulmonary tuberculosisDiagnosed at 30 weeks
5Pulmonary and cerebral tuberculomasSeizures. History of fever and weight loss late in pregnancy36 weeks17 weeks
6PleuralNight sweats and pleural effusion10 weeks2 weeks
7MiliaryFever and abdominal distension. Also cough and dyspnoea. Presented cachectic and severely unwell18 weeks4 weeks
8MiliaryBell's palsy treated with steroids, developed dyspnoea30 weeks4 weeks
9 Miliary and TBMImpaired cognitive state13 weeks4 weeks
10PeritonealPresented with abdominal pain, distension and diagnosis of possible appendicitis27 weeks6 weeks
11IleocaecalFailure to gain weight in pregnancy, lower abdominal pain16 weeks30 weeks
12PeritonealAbdominal distension and altered bowel habit23 weeks9 weeks
13 Tibial osteomyelitisDischarging sinus. Investigated after delivery24 weeks26 weeks