Table 6

Changes in respiratory test results

nInitial meanDischarge meanMean changenInitial meanDischarge meanMean change
Changes between initial and discharge assessments
Respiratory rate (beats/min)11123.121.0−2.16-165 4724.021.6−2.46-165
Peak expiratory flow (l)107175.3215.640.36-165 41146.8168.821.96-160
FEV1(l)1090.770.920.166-165 390.660.720.06
Oxygen saturation (%)10791.894.52.86-165 3391.693.11.46-150
Changes between discharge and final assessments n Discharge mean Final mean Mean change n Discharge mean Final mean Mean change
Respiratory rate (beats/min)7020.420.60.22222.321.7−0.6
Peak expiratory flow (l/min)70233.3220.7−12.619171.0181.310.3
Oxygen saturation (%)7294.693.8−0.752193.095.42.46-160
  • FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in one second.

  • Significant differences on paired t test :

  • 6-150 0.01<p<0.05;

  • 6-160 0.001<p<0.01;

  • 6-165 p<0.001.