Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the study population

Subjects (n = 134)
Mean (SD) age (years)34 (11)
Sex (F/M)61/73
Geometric mean (95% CI) range PC20 (mg/ml)1.18 (0.93 to 1.49)
Mean (SD) FEV1 (ml)3229 (724)
Mean (SD) FEV1 (% predicted)86 (15)
Smoking history:
 Current smokers (pack years1-150) 25 (10)
 Ex-smokers (pack years1-150)30 (13)
 Never smokers79
Medication used during 4 weeks prior for testing:
 Beta2 agonist (less than once a day)5
 Combination of beta2 agonist and anticholinergica (Berodual)
  Less than once a day76
  Regular (once a day or more)15
 Regular anti-histamine (once a day)7
 Beclomethasone nose spray
  Less than once a day1
  • 1-150 1 pack year = 365 (days) × 20 (cigarettes) ever smoked.