Table 4

Relationship between death from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cardiovascular disease (CVS) and ipratropium prescribed on discharge. Effect of adjustment for markers of fixed lung disease

Asthma deaths vs controlsCOPD deaths vs controlsCVS deaths vs controls
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Ipratropium prescribed4.041.47 to 11.137.752.21 to 27.103.551.05 to 11.90
Adjusted for highest peak flow3.531.21 to 10.3321.552.38 to 195.372.970.71 to 12.38
Adjusted for COPD co-morbidity3.571.17 to 10.927.801.90 to 31.933.731.01 to 13.82
Adjusted for both peak flow and COPD3.641.12 to 11.7821.541.92 to 242.282.720.50 to 10.24
Adjusted for ever smoked3.571.26 to 10.085.711.50 to 21.742.680.73 to 9.91
Adjusted for age at onset (categorical ⩽18, 19–40, >40)4.251.19 to 15.163.890.74 to 20.434.040.91 to 17.90
Adjusted for past history of coronary heart disease4.961.72 to 14.298.422.16 to 32.793.820.87–16.82
  • All adjusted for age (as a categorical variable) and sex.