Table 2

Risk factors for death from any cause after hospital admission for asthma (results of a multivariable model2-1, n = 156)

Variables remaining in the modelOdds ratio2-195% CI
Onset preceded by upper respiratory tract infection
 No URTI1.00
 Not known1.820.71 to 4.65
 URTI0.302-150 0.10 to 0.89
Highest peak flow (change per 50 l/min decrease)1.220.97 to 1.52
 Not done or ⩽6.11.00
 >6.17.99** 1.93 to 33.01
Ipratropium or Duovent
 Not prescribed1.00
 Prescribed2.902-150 1.20 to 7.00
Inhaled steroids
 Not prescribed3.032-150 1.15 to 8.33
  • 2-150 p<0.05; **p<0.001.

  • 2-1 The following variables were entered into the model: age, sex, labscore >3, chest tightness, length of stay, highest peak flow (as a continuous variable), clinically severe asthma, COPD co-morbidity, attack preceded by upper respiratory tract infection (URTI, not known, yes and no), nebuliser, ever smoked, chest pain, history of cardiovascular disorder, Pco2 not done or ⩽6.1 vs >6.1, ipratropium or Duovent, inhaled steroids.