Table 2

Characteristics of the study population examined in 1969 in the Finnish and in 1965 in the Italian and Dutch cohorts of the Seven Countries Study

Finland (n = 1248)Italy (n = 1386)Netherlands (n = 691)
Age (years)59.05.554.
Height (m)1.700.061.660.061.740.07
Smoking (pack years)21.417.
BMI (kg/m2)24.73.825.83.824.82.7
Alcohol (g)6.513.086.858.36.812.5
Total energy intake (MJ)15.64.712.
Energy excl. alcohol (MJ)15.44.610.02.612.22.8
FEV2-150 (ml)270373327427192960699
Vitamin C (mg)91.735.345.924.091.839.5
Vitamin E (mg) 3.617.96.6
β-carotene (mg)
Fruit (g)174183191180152109
Vegetables (g)7960535017669
Fish (g)394621201723
  • BMI = body mass index; FEV = forced expiratory volume.

  • 2-150 In Finland and Italy FEV0.75 was measured and in the Netherlands FEV1.

  • 2-151 n = 1356.