Table 1

Outline of the management steps of the British guidelines for asthma management

Step 1Bronchodilator only
Step 2Low dose inhaled corticosteroid (⩽400 μg/day BDP or budesonide or ⩽200 μg fluticasone) or regular sodium cromoglycate or nedocromil sodium
Step 3High dose inhaled corticosteroid (⩾800 μg/day BDP or budesonide, or ⩾500 μg fluticasone) or low dose (as for step 2) plus a long acting β agonist
Step 4High dose inhaled corticosteroid (as for step 3) plus a regular bronchodilator
Step 5Regular oral corticosteroid therapy
  • BDP = beclomethasone dipropionate.

  • From British Thoracic Society et al.1