Table 2

Comparison of total and sex-specific rates (expressed as numbers of patients per 10 000 patient years at risk) from the GPRD and MSGP4 for tuberculosis (TB), cystic fibrosis, sarcoidosis, fibrosing aleveolitis and pneumothorax. All GPRD rates are a weighted average of 1991 and 1992 figures

TuberculosisCystic fibrosisSarcoidosisFibrosing alveolitisPneumothorax
GPRD TB diagnosis (all sites)MSGP4 TB (ICD9 010-018) (all sites)GPRD Cystic fibrosisMSGP4 Cystic fibrosis (ICD9 277.0)GPRD SarcoidosisMSGP4 Sarcoidosis (ICD9 135)GPRD Fibrosing alveolitisMSGP4 Fibrosing alveolitis (ICD9 516.3)GPRD PneumothoraxMSGP4 Pneumothorax (ICD9 512)