Table 5

Prevalence of skin prick test positivity and asthma in population based studies comparing different populations or the same population over time

ReferencePopulationNo.Age% with +ve skin prick test% with doctor diagnosed asthma or ‘asthma’
Comparisons of populations
Charpin et al 40 Marseille400818–65285-150 4
Briancon105518–65105-150 2
 Von Mutius24 Munich44519–11379
 Leung and Ho41 Malaysia32116643
Hong kong47114587
 Peat et al 42 Sydney13398–114224
West Sydney9048–114228
Wagga Wagga8508–114029
Broken Hill7948–113730
 Nowacket al 43 Hamburg115920–44362
 Yemaneberhan44 Rural Ethiopia8615–70+125-150 1
Urban Ethiopia21945–70+ 45-150 4
 Wieringaet al 45 Urban Antwerp31920–44265-150 7
Suburban Antwerp33720–44175-150 4
Comparisons of time periods
Peat et al 46 Busselton 198155318–55399
Busselton 1990102818–554116
 Peatet al 47 Belmont 19827188–10289
Belmont 19928738–102938
Wagga Wagga 19827698–103013
Wagga Wagga 19927958–103530
 Von Mutiuset al 48 Leipzig/Halle 1991/214929–11194
Leipzig/Halle 1995/623119–11274
  • 5-150 Skin prick positivity to house dust mites.