Table 1

Clinical and respiratory characteristics of the patients during spontaneous breathing

PatientSexAge (years)Pao2
(mm Hg)
(mm Hg)
(cm H2O)
P0.1 /Pi maxCMV duration (days)Diagnosis
1M6758387.49600.13Postoperative sepsis (colonic surgery)
2F73133337.33440.1320Postoperative sepsis (coronary bypass)
3F8996357.49250.2518ARDS (pneumonia)
4M6972377.49690.0921Postoperative sepsis (coronary bypass)
5M49112367.38320.18611Postoperative sepsis (gastrectomy)
6F7874607.39500.0556Postoperative sepsis (abdominal aortic surgery)
7F65101347.43450.10816Postoperative sepsis (abdominal aortic surgery)
8M7067517.42520.2918Postoperative sepsis (oesophagectomy)
  • Pao 2, Paco 2 = arterial oxygen and carbon dioxide tensions; Pimax = maximal inspiratory pressure; P0.1 = occlusion pressure; CMV = continuous mechanical ventilation; ARDS = adult respiratory distress syndrome.