Table 3

Airway stenosis: diagnosis, presentation, and outcome (n = 15)

Age (months)
at diagnosis
Main diagnosis
(or presentation)
Ventilation (days)Bronchogram severity scoreBronchoscopic diagnosisHandicapCause of death
5Vascular ring41000Severe
2(Respiratory failure)52000TSMild
49Vascular ring61000TSNormal
4Atrioventricular septal defect83000Moderate
2Vascular ring93000Normal
2Vascular ring102000Mild
0Interrupted aortic arch230220Functionally normal
0Coarctation aorta551110Functionally normal
15Patent ductus12000TSDiedRespiratory
0Vascular ring73000TSDiedMultiorgan
5Vascular ring132000TSDiedRespiratory
3Patent ductus201000TSDiedCardiorespiratory
2Interrupted aortic arch600300DiedRespiratory
  • T = trachea; LB = left main bronchial stenosis; RB = right main bronchial stenosis; PB = peripheral bronchi; TS = tracheal stenosis; bronchogram severity score: 0 = none, 1 = mild, 2 = moderate, 3 = severe (see Methods).