Table 4

Influence of inhaled corticosteroids compared with placebo on the change in prebronchodilator and postbronchodilator FEV1 (l) by repeated measurement analysis. The model presents only variables with p⩽0.05

Two-year estimate (l/year)SEp value
Treatment effect (inhaled corticosteroids versus placebo (n = 183)+0.0340.0150.026
 FEV1 baseline (l)+0.97 0.0270.0001
 β2 agonists (yes)+0.063 0.0250.012
 Almitrine (yes)–0.075  0.0380.048
 Treatment effect (inhaled corticosteroids versus placebo, n = 183)+0.039 0.0230.095
 Height (m)+0.640.2220.004
 Reversibility FEV1 (as % of predicted FEV1)+0.0140.0050.003
 FEV1baseline (l) +0.920.0360.0001
 β2agonists (yes) +0.0580.0270.034