Table 5

Factor analysis with varimax rotation of CRQ

of explained variance
Factor 1 45.9
Worn out or sluggish (f)0.785
Relaxed and free of tension (e)0.765
Low in energy (f)0.742
Happy, satisfied, pleased (e)0.717
Discouraged or down in the dumps (e)0.714
Complete control of breathing problems (m)0.705
How much energy (f)0.647
Confident and sure (m)0.574
Factor 2 13.1
Fear or panic (m)0.846
Upset or scared (m)0.774
Frustrated or inpatient (e)0.666
Embarrassed by coughing (e)0.621
Restless, tense or uptight (e)0.616
Upset, worried or depressed (e)0.609
Factor 3 5.8
Item 4 (d)0.794
Item 5 (d)0.792
Item 3 (d)0.786
Item 2 (d)0.759
Item 1 (d)0.712
How tired have you felt? (f)0.571
  • d = dyspnoea; f = fatigue; e = emotions; m = mastery.