Table 2

Recommended dosages of standard antituberculosis drugs

DrugDaily dosageIntermittent dosage
Isoniazid5 mg/kg2-150 300 mg15 mg/kg 3 times weekly15 mg/kg 3 times weekly
Rifampicin10 mg/kg<50 kg450 mg15 mg/kg 3 times weekly600–900 mg 3 times weekly
⩾50 kg600 mg
Pyrazinamide35 mg/kg<50 kg1.5 g50 mg/kg 3 times weekly <50 kg2.0 g
⩾50 kg2.0 g⩾50 kg2.5 g 3 times weekly
75 mg/kg twice weekly<50 kg3.0 g
⩾50 kg3.5 g twice weekly
Ethambutol2-160 15 mg/kg15 mg/kg30 mg/kg 3 times weekly30 mg/kg 3 times weekly
45 mg/kg twice weekly45 mg/kg twice weekly
  • 2-150 See text.

  • 2-160 Accurate calculation is required to reduce the risk of toxicity (see under “Special precautions”).