Table 6

Rates of tuberculosis notifications (per 100 000 population) in the six month survey periods of 1988 and 1993 by birthplace (UK or abroad) and number of years since first entry and region of residence (only regions with more than 25 notifications of Indian or Pakistani/Bangladeshi ethnic origin have been presented)

Ethnic group and regionPopulation5-150(1000s)OverallBorn UKFive or more years since first entry into UKLess than five years since first entry into UK
 East Midlands110.62131609550243167501883
 Greater London370.91381281241135114706809
 Rest of South East109.11118138269298633387
 West Midlands171.414612154731951228511057
 North West55.1211216778725826319011334
Pakistani & Bangladeshi
 Greater London186.71021192742127118239242
 Rest of South East98.39067281213587167309
 West Midlands142.21091253144148135290952
 North West128.81311641969188210723362
  • 5-150 Based on 1993 Labour Force Survey.