Table 4

Multiple linear regression analysis with FEV1 (% predicted) as the dependent variable, and age, sex, exposure to kerosene heater emissions, and agricultural employment for ⩾10 years as the independent variables

β4-15095% C Ip value
All study participants
 Age (years)−0.7−0.9 to −0.5<0.001
 Sex (effect of male sex)−14.9−21.5 to −8.3<0.001
 Using kerosene heater−16.2−29.0 to −3.4<0.05
 ⩾10 years in agricultural employment−18.0−30.0 to −6.0<0.01
 Age (years)−1.0−1.2 to −0.8<0.001
 Using kerosene heater−5.8−11.4 to 23.0NS
 ⩾10 years in agricultural employment−14.6−32.2 to 3.0NS
 Age (years)−0.4−0.6 to −0.2<0.01
 Using kerosene heater−28.4−36.6 to −10.2<0.01
 ⩾10 years in agricultural employment−21.1−36.9 to −5.3<0.01
  • 4-150 FEV1 = Intercept + β4-150age + β4-150sex + β4-150kerosene + β4-150agriculture. The variance of FEV1 (% predicted) explained by the variables (R2) was 35% in the series as a whole, 45% in the men and 26% in the women.