Table 6

Relation between the cumulated number of 2 mg pieces of nicotine chewing gum used in 71 quitters who had received nicotine chewing gum substitution for 12 weeks and were still abstinent after 26 weeks and the decrease in leucocyte blood counts at 12 weeks after smoking cessation

Dependent variableInterceptRegression coefficient (SE)r2p
Total leucocyte blood count2.1−0.1 (0.05)0.07<0.05
Total neutrophil blood count1.6−0.05 (0.05)0.02NS
Total lymphocyte blood count0.6−0.05 (0.02)0.07<0.05
  • Bivariate regression analyses with the cumulated number of pieces of chewing gum was the independent variable. SE = one standard error; r 2 = square of the correlation coefficient.