Table 5

Relations between leucocyte blood counts and the decrease in FEV1 during six months (DFEV) in 138 relapsers

Independent variableInterceptRegression coefficient (SE)r2p
Total leucocyte blood count−273.9 (0.6)0.26<0.0001
Pack years consumption0.03 (0.07)0.01NS
Total neutrophil blood count−205.1 (0.7)0.31<0.0001
Pack years consumption0.003 (0.06)0.01NS
Total lymphocyte blood count0.082.1 (1.5)0.02NS
Pack years consumption0.02 (0.08)0.01NS
  • Multivariate regression analyses with DFEV as the dependent variable and independent variables as indicated.

  • r 2 = square of the correlation coefficient; SE = 1 standard error.