Table 2

Birth order, specific and non-specific infections in childhood and other risk factors for atopic disease

Risk factors and atopy (expressed as % or events/100 subjects)Birth order (number of older siblings)
1 (0) n=3462 (1) n=9063 (2) n=4544 (3) n=1015 (4) n=62
Non-specifc infections in first 2 years of life (events/100 subjects)
 Otitis media3028265027
Specifc infections (events/100 subjects)
 Whooping cough66452
Other risk factors (%)
 Maternal atopy1320222313
 Pertussis immunisation6774747467
 Antibiotics < 2 years6868706968
Atopic disorders (%)
 Hay fever2325253023
  • URTI = upper respiratory tract infections; LRTI = lower respiratory tract infections.