Table 3

Linear regression examining the effects of age, body mass index (BMI) z-score and SpO2 on blood glucose area under the curve at 120 min (R2=0.34) in 24 subjects with cystic fibrosis

PredictorUnstandardised β coefficientSEp ValueZero-order correlationPartial correlationTolerance
BMI z-score−1143.7666.50.102−0.261−0.3580.975
Mean SpO2−1585.1647.80.024−0.492−0.4800.704
  • Zero-order correlation is a measure of linear association between two variables.

  • Partial correlation is the correlation that remains between two variables after removing the correlation that is due to their mutual association with other variables.

  • Tolerance indicates the percentage variance in a predictor that could not be accounted for by the other predictors.