Table 1

Mean (SE) nitric oxide levels (ppb) in 104 lung transplant recipients according to type of transplant and underlying condition

Type of transplantNo.Mean (SE)Underlying conditionNo.Mean (SE)
SLTx427.3 (0.67)Obstructive227.3 (0.91)
BSLTx388.0 (1.23)ILD227.1 (1.00)
HLTx245.6 (0.67)Suppurative387.0 (0.66)
PVD225.8 (0.71)
Total1046.8 (0.55)Total1046.8 (0.55)
  • SLTx = single lung transplant; BSLTx = bilateral sequential lung transplant; HLTx = heart-lung transplant; obstructive = obstructive lung disease; ILD = interstitial lung disease; suppurative = suppurative lung disease; PVD = pulmonary vascular disease (primary pulmonary hypertension and Eisenmenger’s syndrome).