Table 5

Relation of slope to serum total and specific IgE, adjusted for each other and centre, sex, baseline lung function, height, parental atopy, number of siblings, season of testing, and age/smoking interaction

Mean difference from negative test or regression coefficient95%
confidence interval
p value
Total IgE (log10kU/l)−0.17−0.37 to 0.040.12
Specific IgE to:
 D pteronyssinus −0.92−1.26 to −0.58<0.001
 Timothy grass−0.50−0.85 to −0.150.005
 Cladosporium −1.40−2.14 to −0.47<0.001
 Birch0.66 0.09 to 1.230.02
 Cat (at age 20)−1.33−2.24 to −0.420.004
Additional increase per year of age in cat sensitised subjects0.06−0.01 to 0.120.12
  • Number of subjects=749. Total within centre variation explained 33.3%