Table 4

Relation of slope to total IgE and positive skin prick tests, adjusted for each other and centre, sex, baseline lung function, height, parental atopy, number of siblings, season of testing, and age/smoking interaction

Mean difference from
negative test or regression coefficient
confidence interval
p value
Total IgE (log10kU/l)−0.31−0.52 to −0.110.003
Positive skin prick test to:
D pteronyssinus −0.77−1.09 to −0.45<0.001
 Timothy grass−0.64−1.00 to −0.28<0.001
Cladosporium −0.47−1.16 to 0.220.18
 Birch1.05 0.47 to 1.63<0.001
 Any of Alternaria, olive,Parietaria, common ragweed−0.43−0.88 to 0.030.07
 Cat (at age 20)−1.12−1.94 to −0.290.008
Additional increase per year of age in cat sensitised subjects0.08 0.02 to 0.140.008
  • Number of subjects=749. Total within centre variation explained 33.0%.