Table 1

Characteristics of the 23 patients who completed the study protocol

Age (years)SexAsthma durationAtopyFEV1(% pred)ΔFEV1(%)Therapy
21F1 year++2.95 (95)18FP
31F>10 years++1.69 (52)24FP
42F1 year2.02 (82)16FP
28F>10 years++1.94 (60)50FP
19M>10 years+++2.56 (54)80FP
25M1 year++4.86 (108)12FP
27M>10 years++1.88 (46)62FP
23F6–10 years+++2.55 (85)18FP
23M>10 years+++2.49 (56)44FP
28M1 year4.11 (95)19FP
45M>10 years++++2.05 (95)71FP
21M>10 years++3.41 (79)22P
33M>10 years++1.88 (49)26P
24F>10 years+++2.22 (72)33P
24M>10 years3.65 (84)7P
40M>10 years+++1.98 (50)76P
36M>10 years+++1.77 (40)64P
36F1–5 years++2.84 (88)13P
28M>10 years++2.67 (59)30P
22M1 year3.94 (94)8P
34M1 year++++3.25 (74)11P
35M1 year4.26 (100)5P
20M>10 years++++2.64 (66)27P
  • FP = fluticasone propionate; P = placebo.