Table 4

Direct and indirect illness costs and cost sources of such information (all costs given in euros)*

Category of dataSourcesSnorersSAOHS
Patients (N=59 223)Controls (N=235 507)Patients (N=81 250)Controls (N=325 985)Patients (N=2255)Controls (N=10 708)
Direct health costs
 Primary sectorNational Health Insurance Security System286142347203393221
 Inpatient costDanish Ministry of Heath99061417147535036957
 Outpatient costDanish Ministry of Heath284142334157392181
 DrugsDanish Medicines Agency3932465892831072372
Total direct health costs195311942983139668931730
Labour market incomeCoherent Social Statistics27 63827 58422 06124 33413 02119 177
Indirect cost−5422736157
Sum of direct and indirect costs189911945257139613 0501730
Net yearly costs705386011 320
Social transfer paymentsCoherent Social Statistics425241055646476797986535
Other public transfers234223473052223563192456
Sick pay (public funded)538379640365814365
  • * Bootstrap.

  • Number of observation years.

  • p<0.0001.

  • OHS, obesity hypoventilation syndrome; SA, sleep apnoea.