Table 5

Comparison of (A) psychological factors and (B) asthma self management knowledge between rapid onset and slow onset groups

RapidSlowp value
(A) Psychological factors:
Anxiety (HAD score ⩾10)19%11%NS
Depression (HAD score ⩾10)0%8%NS
Psychosocial factors recorded in hospital record based on Rea et al 6 19%39%NS
Previous emotional counselling27%33%NS
Factor scores:
 I Emotional maladjustment−26.9 (6.8)−28.05 (7.5)NS
 II Doctor-patient relationship14.3 (3.5)13.3 (4.3)NS
 III Stigma/pessimism−2.6 (2.5)−2.9 (2.6)NS
 IV Self-efficacy8.7 (1.8)7.8 (2.2)NS
Total life events (last year)3.5 (2.5)3.8 (2.4)NS
Social support available:
(B) Self management knowledge score19 20:
 Slow onset scenario14.2 (4.3)13.3 (4.7)NS
 Rapid onset scenario16.2 (4.3)15.8 (4.5)NS