Table 4

Indices of quality of ongoing asthma specific health care, asthma severity, and previous asthma morbidity

RapidSlowp value
(A) Quality of ongoing asthma specific health care
Very easy to obtain GP appointment96%76%NS
Availability of peak flow meter85%81%NS
Written action plan59%49%NS
Supply of oral corticosteroids56%43%NS
MDI techniques checked in last year52%47%NS
Dose of inhaled steroids (BDP equivalence)
 <1000 μg48%38%NS
 1000–2000 μg22%25%
 >2000 μg11%9%
(B) Morbidity
Moderate/severe interference with sleep67%60%NS
Moderate/severe interference with exercise48%53%NS
Previous ICU admissions (ever)1.85 (3.1)0.9 (1.9)0.00014-151
Hospital admissions in last year0.8 (1.3)1.2 (3.8)0.00014-151
Visits to emergency department in last year1.3 (1.8)2.6 (8.0)0.00014-151
Visits to GP in last year5.1 (4.2)8.4 (10.9)0.0014-151
Urgent visits to GP in last year1.0 (1.9)1.8 (4.7)0.0014-151
Courses of oral steroids in last year2.5 (3.3)3.3 (4.7)NS
  • BDP = beclomethasone dipropionate.

  • 4-151 t test for independent samples.