Table 3

Circumstances of the index attack: (A) pre-hospital management, and (B) features on presentation

Rapid (n=27)Slow (n=289)p value
(A) Pre-hospital management:
During index attack
 Use of peak flow meter26%43%NS
 Use of action plan37%31%NS
 Use of nebulised bronchodilators30%28%NS
Use of oral steroids (prior to admission)26%27%NS
First “port of call”
 Emergency department48%)40%)
(B) Features on presentation:
Presentation with SLTA18 67%20%<0.0013-151
 Cardiopulmonary arrest22%6%<0.0033-151
 Impaired conscious level56%13%<0.0013-151
 Mechanical ventilation19%4.5%<0.0013-151
Initial arterial blood gas tensions
 pH7.25 (6.8–7.6)7.39 (6.9–7.6)<0.0063-152
 Paco 2(kPa)8.7 (2.6–34.0)5.1 (2.2–19.7)<0.0013-152
Mean (SD) days in hospital3.7 (2.9)3.7 (2.6)NS
  • 3-151 Fisher’s exact test.

  • 3-152 Wilcoxon signed rank test.