Table 3

Clinical markers of disease severity split by GSTM1 genotype

Normal (n=27)Null (n=26)Mean difference95% CIp value
Mean FEV1 (% predicted)86.879.87.0−2.9 to 16.90.16
Mean weight zscore−0.56−0.630.07−0.47 to 0.610.79
Mean Chrispin-Norman chest radiographic score11.015.04−7.3 to −0.80.02
Mean Shwachman score83.377.75.60.4 to 10.90.04
No. positive forP aeruginosa 6110.12
No. ΔF508 homozygous17190.43
  • FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in one second.