Table 2

Clinical markers of disease severity split by TNF-α genotype

TNF1 (n=33)TNF1/TNF2 (n=20)Mean difference95% CIp value
Mean FEV1 (% predicted)87.876.211.61.7 to 21.50.02
Mean weight z score−0.37−0.960.590.06 to 1.120.03
Mean Chrispin-Norman chest radiographic score12.114.52.4−5.9 to 1.10.17
Mean Shwachman score82.078.23.8−1.7 to 9.40.17
No. positive for P aeruginosa 1070.72
No. ΔF508 homozygous22140.80
  • FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in one second.