Table 2

Distribution of contacts within the primary and secondary sector, use of public health insurance and earned income (data presented as percentage of number of people receiving or providing the activity)*

Patients (N=12 045)Controls (N=48 180)Patients (N=19 438)Controls (N=77 752)Patients (N=755)Controls (N=2588)
Ambulatory treatment562660256327
In-hospital treatment261032105313
Public health insurance979096899893
Total transfer income:423849417860
 Other public transfers222125194721
 Sick pay (public funded)151015101410
Labour income727061633953
  • * Income includes employment income and social transfer payment. People can receive income from more than one type of public transfer, so the sum of the transfers do not add up to all public transfer income.

  • p<0.0001.

  • OHS, obesity hypoventilation syndrome; SA, sleep apnoea.